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Nancy Vermeulen Space Training

Welcome to the Space Training Academy!

The Sky is NOT your limit anymore!


Private Astronaut

Are you a Future Private Astronaut?

Do you want to be optimally prepared both physically and mentally for your space flight?


Space Training For Teams

Are you an individual or a small team?

Do you want to be part of a select group of "Space Rangers" that can handle the physical and mental challenges of a Space Flight?

About the "Space Training Academy"

The Space Training Academy was founded by none other than astrophysicist, airline pilot, Space Travel Instructor and visionary Nancy Vermeulen.

At the Space Training Academy, we  prepare genuine space tourists and suborbital scientists for space travel. Over 600 private individuals worldwide have meanwhile booked a space voyage.

In collaboration with the Delft University of Technology and Desdemona Simulator Soesterberg, we are proud to offer a

unique training programme.

The purpose of the training at the Space Training Academy is to prepare you both physically and psychologically for your space flight.

Not (quite) ready to venture into space, but want to feel what it would be like?

For example, to celebrate a milestone or an anniversary with your team?

Discover the best option for you and your team!

How to start your Space Adventure?

Our "Space Training" is made up of different modules. The modules are discussed with you personally in advance and are


 The complete package "Private Astronaut Training" contains all the individual modules.

Space Introduction Day Nancy Vermeulen Space Training Academy
Private Astronaut Training Nancy Vermeulen Space Training Academy

Why Space Training?

Astronauts that fly up into space and marvel down at the Earth, say that they are never the same person again after that. They experience what is called the “overview effect”. The evolution you go through as a person is literally a point of no return. Do you also want to get a taste of what it’s like to be a space traveller?

Contact us for more info and an intake interview.

Overview effect

"The impact of commercial space travel has the potential to transform our lives on Earth, breaking boundaries that have constrained economic and cultural growth since time began."


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