High - G Centrifuge Training:

During this simulation, we expose your body to the same high - g acceleration that an astronaut can experience in space.

Find out how much g you can handle!

How much acceleration can you handle?

If you want to go into space, you need to know how your body will react under extreme physiological conditions.

One of the things to test is your tolerance to high accelerations, also known as "high - g".

During this training, you can discover in a safe environment how much g you can endure. Our team of specialists teaches you how to increase your tolerance to avoid a - induced blackout.



On Earth, we experience 1 g. Zero gravity equals 0 g. Some roller coasters reach accelerations up to 3 g.

But for F1 - drivers, military pilots and astronauts the accelerations they have to cope with during their operations are even higher.

During this training, you will learn how to cope with accelerations up to 6 g.
Don’t worry: a team of qualified experts will prepare you, guide you through the process and monitor you at all times.



    • Under the supervision of our qualified staff, you will take place in a high - g simulator.
    • We will gradually increase acceleration while continually monitoring and coaching you through the exercise.
    • You will find out how much g you can withstand.
    • You will understand how your body reacts to this pressure and will be able to recognize the different stages.
    • We will teach you the breathing techniques to improve your tolerance level.
    • You will get an answer to all your questions about high - g.
    • Afterwards, you receive a certificate of completion.

Private Astronaut Training


  • Aspiring private astronauts wanting to prepare for space travel. (This is a perfect addition to the existing Astronaut for a Day programme).
  • Space enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable experience.
  • Anyone who would like to know what high - g feels like.


  • We welcome you to the Centre for Man in Aviation in Soesterberg, The Netherlands.
  • You will get a short medical check-up to make sure that it is safe for you to perform this exercise.
  • You will participate in a group of three to a maximum of five people.
  • Our experts will explain the concept of high - g and guide you through the experience.
  • One by one, you take place in the simulator.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion.
  • You can combine this module with any of the other space training modules.


This is a full-day workshop.

It is one of the modules of the complete private astronaut training, but you can also book it separately.


This is a premium exercise at a higher price level.


Center for Man in Aviation
The Netherlands


Are you interested? Let us know, and we will inform you about the exact timing of the next edition. You can enrol by sending a mail to info@space-training.com.
The places are limited to five, so make sure to claim your spot!

High-g simulation exercise at the Space Training Academy